My boxer, who will be 1 year old next weekend, usually has soft stool. Hard to pick up in the yard! There is nothing medically wrong with her, the vet has checked everything. I’m trying to find a food that will possibly help firm up her stool.

She was on a Evo but I felt that was too rich. She was then on Innova and I switched her to Healthwise for the same reason,I thought it might be too rich. These foods were all tried over a 7 month period with LONG switch-over periods.

I have limited places to shop here for good food and I want to try to stay between – for a 30-35 pound bag. I have limited resources here in town, only a feed store and training facility that sell good food. There is a PETCO also but I think they are way overpriced on everything they carry.

So what are some good brands that might help with this problem? I have also heard that adding a small amount of pumpkin or yogurt daily could help. Has anyone tried these remedies?

Thanks for your time!

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