With a dog in the family, you have probably spoken to your veterinarian about what is the most recommended dog food. In fact, you may actually buy your dog food from the veterinarian’s office, assuming that it the healthiest, most well-balanced diet that you can buy for your dog. In turn, your veterinarian charges you a healthy price for this Gourmet Dog Food, food that you have been told is better than the brand names in the grocery store.

But, what your vet is not telling you and what you won’t read on the dog food labels is that the vet’s recommended dog food is not at all good for your dog. Not only is it not better than what you can buy in the store, but all commercially-produced dog foods are downright unhealthy for your pet.

Every dog food states that it contains all the necessary ingredients for a healthy diet, and that it meets 100% of the daily requirements of a dog’s nutrition, but that is not the case. Too many dogs have been too sick, and have died too early, because they were fed on commercial dog food. There are just too many additives, poisons, toxins, and unnecessary ingredients to call any of this food “healthy”.

If you want to know all the real secrets from the dog food industry, then you owe it to your dog to read “Dog Food Secrets”. This is the one resource that tells the whole story about your recommended dog food, what is going on in the industry, and what you are putting in your dog’s food bowl. Whether you are buying the most expensive, brand-name natural products for your dog, or you are buying a store brand, you need to know what you are feeding them. It is definitely not as healthy as you think it is.

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